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Curriculum Vitae

Dec 2008 - now

Technical Director - Product Development at Prism Software. I have a cross functional team of about 20 professionals including business analysts, software engineers, testers, and IT staff. I am responsible for the development of the company's flagship product "Prism WIN" an MIS solution specifically designed for the printing industry.

My managerial responsibilities also include budgeting, people management, roadmapping for the product, providing technical leadership within the company, presales support, back-end customer support and the company IT.

Jan 2007 -
Nov 2008

Manager Engineering and Architecture at First Data Utilities (Now Hansen Technologies). I was responsible for a team of with about 20 software engineers as direct reports and an additional 20 professionals including performance engineers, usability experts, testers, and subject matter experts. The team also included contractors and a small offshore group. The software engineering included all aspects of the product lifecycle (SDLC) as well as requirements gathering, planning, design, implementation, performance engineering, user experience, integration, testing, release management, etc.

The projects had a total budget of several million USD per year and included all ongoing product development for the company's flagship product Peace CIS.

In this role I was driving the improvement of architecture and design, technology, tools, and processes. Quality and productivity are continously improved through a large degree of automation and automated testing.

Nov 2004 -
Dec 2006
Program Manager Technology Transformation at First Data Utilities. I was responsible for the implementation of the next generation product. The project is using a service oriented architecture (SOA) and is based on Java technologies, including Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Ajax, and web services interfaces.

As a development process a flavor of a combination of Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP) is used.

Sep 2003 -
Oct 2004
Independent consultant to small to medium sized businesses in the area of software development processes. I consulted to companies both on technologies, e.g. Microsoft .NET Framework and COM, and on software development processes such as Extreme Programming (XP).
Jul 2001 -
Aug 2003
Projectmanager at Gemplus. Responsible for implementation, deployment and operation of the company's Support Portal. The Project uses eXtreme Programming as its development process.
1994 - 2001
Software Architect, Designer and Engineer at Hewlett-Packard.

My second role was being an architect and designer for a network support tool, which remotely collects information at the customer site and makes the information available to support engineers. The architecture and design have been patented in the software patent for "System, Method, and Computer Programm for Providing a Remote Support Service.", which I co-own.

Prior to that I was assigned to a project for a patient monitoring software in the medical department. My tasks included the introduction of object-oriented analysis, design, and implementation. I was responsible for the implementation of three modules of the system, among them a generic form generator and a module for handling all medication and treatment information.

Bachelor Degree Honors in Industrial Engineering. Thesis: "The Object-Oriented Software Development Process Exemplified Using A Medical Application"

References are available upon request. I am also a member of both the LinkedIn and Xing business networks.

Community Contributions

I was a member of the program committee for Agile 2008, Agile 2007, Agile 2006, Agile 2005, Agile Universe 2003 and 2004. At the Agile 2007 conference I presented a paper about the introduction of agile methodologies to software development teams which I co-authored with a fellow colleague, Darren Rowley. Darren is one of the finest engineeers I ever had the pleasure to work with. If you are ever looking for an excellent agile coach and software engineer, he is your man!

A few years ago - in 2001 - I initiated csUnit, an open source unit testing framework for the .NET framework. I still contribute significant portions of my spare time to this project since I also benefit from open-source projects in my daily work. I share my learnings through my blogs.

By giving occasional lectures to local universities I am contributing to providing the commercial perspective to academic education.


Non-Techie Stuff

There is a life outside of the IT industry! And therefore I contribute to my local community by serving as a sailing instructor for kids at our local sailing club. It is fun to work with kids, to see how fast they are to pick up new things, and how easy it is for them to try new things. Also, if you start sailing at such a young age (6 to 10 years), it is much easier to become a successful competitor in regattas. Auckland is nick-named the "City of Sails". So doing something on the water is a logical consequence.

In April 2007 I bought a sailing dinghy for my kids (Optimist) and a sailing dinghy for myself (Topper Topaz Uno Race X).

In May 2007 I passed the exam to become a Yachting NZ certified Club Instructor. I'm also working on becoming club race officer (CRO) certified by Yachting NZ.

In case you're looking for sailing opportunities in New Zealand, please have a look at the site of Charterlink.

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